Every piece of sofa is different; each one is distinct from other. All sofas go through various processes before it is finally upholstered and ready to be exported to homes around the world.

Our sofa frames for the local and export market are made from a selected Malaysian hardwood species called "meranti". Over the years “meranti” wood has gained a name in the exports sector for strength, hardiness and durability. The timber slates of different sizes are cut using precision imported wood machinery. These pieces of timber are then assembled together with plywood by our craftsmen using screw and corner blocks; resulting in superior wood frames which will stand the test of time and usage.

The required colour and pieces of cow-hide for each sofa is then selected. Each piece is meticulously checked for defects by our trained craftsmen. The leather is then hand-drawn using templates of various sizes, making sure that each piece of the leather is of good condition, free from defects. The leather pieces are then hand cut, sorted and padded with 1/2” polyester fibres before being sent to the sewing department for stitching by a pool of well trained operatives. This attention to detail from the start to the finish of the production process is a key-mark here at Kenitti Sofa. This ensures that each sofa is as good as the next one; all bearing the same quality and consistency of style and workmanship.

The back cushions are generously stuffed with imported fluffy white hollow conjugate siliconized staple fibres for softness and sheer comfort.

We use imported sinuous serpentine springs made from 3.8mm carbon steel for the bottom of the sofa seats for durability. Pocketed springs cushioned with high grade PU foam are used for the actual seats ensuring comfort any time, every time. Imported elastic belt webbing is used for the backs for ergonomic support. The remaining required pieces of PU Foam are then glued onto the wood frame to give it the desired shape before being sent to the upholstery section for finishing.

Finally, the finished wood frames and the sewn leather are then skillfully upholstered and the sofa set is completed. All that remains is to pack the sofas with packaging materials of export specifications to be exported all over the world.

We focus on quality that why only high quality materials are been used to manufacture a good sofa. In summary, the following are the materials:

  • Imported elastic belt webbing provides the right suspension for the backs, so important for that right feel.
  • Pure white fluffy hollow conjugate siliconized staple fibres for softness and sheer comfort.
  • A combination of "pocketed" springs wrapped all round with high density polyurethane foam provides seating comfort and durability.
  • Siliconized staple fibres wrapped around arms.
  • 1" x 2" thick wood frames are made from selected wood, each piece handmade, screwed and stapled with edge blocks for added strength.
  • 3.8mm carbon steel zig-zag sinuous springs for comfort, durability & correct degree of seating comfort.
  • 1/2" virgin fibres, made from 100% polyester fiberfill provides all around insulation.